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My real passion isn’t marketing

Dave from Perth, Australia, emailed me with a great question. He noticed that my blog is almost exactly 9 years old. In particular, Dave wondered how I have remained so passionate about marketing. Here’s my answer. I hope you find it useful. My real passion in business isn’t marketing! It’s a lot more specific than…

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Marketing 101: Greed, need or deed?

You’re a professional. You have a superb business. You offer an excellent service. And you care passionately about your clients. My question for you today my friend, is this: How clearly does that message come across in your marketing? Greed, Need or Deed? Think for a moment about the marketing messages you receive, from emails…

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It’s never the money. Here’s what REALLY stops people buying from you!

Your prospective clients or customers absolutely can afford your products or services. Here’s what really stops people buying from you. You’re attracting enquiries from the wrong people. You haven’t given them a powerful enough reason to buy from you or hire you. They don’t trust you, so they don’t believe your message. Let’s look at…

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