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12 Types of Awesome Visual Content You Can Use in Your Blog Posts

  How many times have you pondered over which images to use in a paragraph, blog post, web page, etc.? I struggle choosing a visual for my content. Yet, it’s important, as frequently cited research shows that images attract more people to the content and help people retain the content they consume longer. Knowing images…

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Don’t Freak Out, but Facebook Added a New Kind of Feed

When Facebook makes any change to its algorithm or News Feed, the standard response is that it’s cause for panic. For example, you may have recently heard some speculation around the channel’s recent “Explore Feed” rollout: an alternative News Feed designed to help users discover content outside of their existing networks, like friends and Pages they…

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Content Marketing Tip: Use short sentences. Here’s why!

  Here’s a quick copywriting tip, to improve your content marketing results. Your prospective clients prefer to read short sentences. This is especially true when explaining detailed information. For example, how your service works. I’m not suggesting you use fewer words than required. Far from it! Use as many words per sentence as you need.…

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