How to achieve more than ever before, by doing less!

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One of the best kept secrets in business, is something I call reduction. It’s a strategy I share with my clients and today, I’m going to share it with you.

Less can be more. So much more!

Ineffective business owners strive to do more and more. They focus on productivity hacks, growth hacks, life hacks and short-cuts. As an unavoidable result, they become increasingly busy, increasingly stressed and increasingly frustrated.

The most effective business owners use a very different approach. They’ve discovered that the biggest wins, come from doing fewer things.

For example:

  • Fewer unfinished projects, equals more clarity.
  • Fewer social media interruptions, equals more focus.
  • Fewer repeated errors, equals more progress.
  • Fewer dodged decisions, equals more respect.
  • Fewer missed deadlines, equals more trust.
  • Fewer hours wasted, equals more productivity.
  • Fewer angry words, equals more happiness.
  • Fewer broken promises, equals more belief.
  • And fewer excuses, equals more achievement.

If you find yourself stressed, working long hours and making too little progress, don’t add even more to your workload. All it will do is create unnecessary, additional stress.

Instead, focus on reduction. Because with the right strategy, less can be more. So much more.

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Source: Jim’s Marketing Blog