Your choice: Act now or react later?

Imagine this:

  • Imagine a business, which provides a unique range of services, rather than the same generic range of services as it’s competitors.
  • Imagine a business, which invests time every week on improving itself.
  • Imagine a business, which has a dedicated customer retention program, so that it seldom loses a client or customer.
  • Imagine a business, which uses professional, highly effective marketing strategies, so it attracts the best clients or customers.

Now, imagine what would happen if that business moved into your area, targeting your clients and your future clients.

Do it first

Before something like that happens to you, I have a suggestion: Do it first! Tick off every item on that list and watch your business grow like never before.

Most business owners wait until their business is under a sudden, external threat, before they seriously up their game. As a direct result, their business achieves a tiny fraction of its true potential. All because they waited for something negative to happen, before they took action. That’s the price you pay for being reactive rather than proactive.

Sometimes a super smart, agile competitor comes to town and takes chunks of their market share. Other times, a business owner will lose a major client and see their revenues suddenly drop dramatically. In either case, the business owner is driven to improve as a reaction.

Don’t wait for something negative to happen, before you learn just how high you can fly. Act now my friend.

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Source: Jim’s Marketing Blog