Creating Artwork for a Business Reply Mailer

business reply envelope

Below are steps on creating a Business Reply Envelope (BRE) or Business Reply Mailer (BRM).

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Register/Sign in (Upperright hand corner)
  3. Click on Business Solutions
    • Advertise with us
    • On Left Side Click on Reply Mail
    • Middle of Screen sign in to create Reply mail
  4. Click on Mailing Services on left side
    • Automated business reply mail
    • This screen you have 6 choices
      • Courtesy Reply Mail (CRM)
      • Business Reply Mail (BRM)
      • Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM)
      • Meter Reply Mail (MRM)
      • FIM and Barcode Only for BRM
      • FIM and Barcode Only for CRM
  5. Enter your Delivery Address
    • You have to have information listed exactly as the USPS has it listed
    • If you are having trouble creating it you can call the help center 855-593-6093 or email them your exact address at
  6. Select Size of Piece
    • This will create the BRM/BRE for the exact size of your printed piece
  7. Create BRM
    • USPS will generate either a PDF or a Ai File for you to download