Everything to know about Envelopes

Everything about Envelopes

#10 Envelope: Standard business envelope and most common. Fits a standard sheet of paper folded in thirds.
#9 Envelope: Slightly smaller than a #10. It can fit standard piece of paper. Typically used for invoices or can be used as a return envelope in a #10.
A7 Envelope: Most Common for Invites or Greeting Cards
A6 Envelope: A little smaller than A7. Print costs of cards are the same as A7
A2 Envelope: Great for Thank You Cards. Print costs of cards are a lot less than an A7
6 x 9 Booklet: Able to hold a standard piece of paper (8.5 x 11) folded in half. You can send out multiple pieces inside it.
9 x 12 Booklet: Able to hold a standard piece of paper not folded.
6.75 Remittance Envelope: Allows your client to send back a check or credit card info

Catalog vs. Booklet. Booklet is much easier to insert or take papers out. Booklet Wins!

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