How many Tabs do I use?

How many tabs do I use

Ever had a tough time opening up a direct mail piece? It looks cool, but what’s inside? It’s been tabbed. Some printed pieces are gorgeous to look at, probably have won awards, but does it function well through the USPS. Next time you start with a blank screen think about how this piece is being delivered. If you design a piece that is easy to open and gets good returns you’ll most likely get a happy client. If it gets great returns you will have another campaign waiting for you.

1 Tab
Try to have the folded edge on the bottom. Example would be 8.5 x 11 folded in half

2 Tabs
If you have the folded edge on the top. No reason to do this. Just flip the mail panel 180 degrees and you can put one tab on it. Makes it easier for your prospect and saves you money.

3 Tabs
This is needed for anything that has staples in it (Booklets) or a piece that has the folded edge on the left or right side (oblong brochure). To avoid 3 tabs you can change the orientation of the oblong brochure, mail the booklets as a flat (higher postage), or put the piece in an envelope.

For more info on Tab requirements (see 3.15.5):