How to Package Print Files

save to package files for printer accepts print files from several document layout programs. For best results, please supply high-resolution PDF, EPS, TIFF, DOC or PUB files for any of your online printing collateral. The most foolproof file format to send us is a high-resolution PDF with bleeds. If there is any chance that will need to make revisions for you, you should send us your native print files, which will consist of the print file packaged together with all the fonts and images used. Your design software probably has a function that allows you to put this package together.

If you are using InDesign on a Mac, you can follow these instructions for packaging your job:

1) Open Your Document in InDesign

2) Fix any missing Images

Select the Links pallet under Window. If any images showimage 10 , they are missing a link to the hi-res image.

image 1

Select the Link button image  and navigate to the hi-res image on your computer to fix the link.

3) Fix any missing Fonts

From the Type menu, select Find Font.

image 2

If any fonts have a image 11; this means that this font is not loaded in your system.

image 3

You can either load the needed font(s) or substitute with fonts already in your system. To do this highlight the missing font and use “Replace with” at the bottom of the dialog box; to replace them all, select Change All.

4) Package the files.

This will pull all your hi-res images, fonts and a copy of the final document into a folder that you can compress and upload to our website.

Under File, select Package.

image 4

Select Package from the dialog.

image 5

Press Continue through the instructions.

image 6

Select a place on your computer to save the packaged folder. Make sure the Copy Fonts and Linked Image boxes are checked at the bottom of the box before you press package.

image 7

Click OK through Font Warning.

image 8

5) Compress Packaged Files

Find the newly created Packaged Folder on your computer. Highlight the file folder. Under file select Compress.

image 9

6) Upload the Compressed Packaged Files to

If you want to learn more about preparing your InDesign files for printing, Adobe has a very thorough preflight tutorial here: