Marketing Tip: Focus on the edges, not the middle

The middle ground feels safer. That’s why it’s so crowded. However, it’s very hard to stand out, when you embrace the middle ground. The real value comes from pushing what you do to the edges.

There isn’t an area of your business, which you can’t edge.

Here are some examples to get you started:

  1. Push your copywriting to the edges, so it motivates people to take action.
  2. Push your quality to the edges, so your brand becomes a byword for excellence.
  3. Push your communication skills to the edges, so people feel motivated when you speak.
  4. Push your leadership to the edges, so people follow you.
  5. Push your creativity to the edges, so you can find the answers and ideas you need.
  6. Push your courage to the edges, so you do what’s right rather than what feel safe.
  7. Push your commitment to the edges, so your business gets the resources it needs.
  8. Push your service to the edges, so it’s different from your competitors and of unique value to people.
  9. Push your customer service to the edges, so people tell their friends how well you looked after them.
  10. Push your visibility to the edges, so prospective clients can find you.

Let others cling onto the middle ground. Let them offer average services, to average people, for average fees. You deserve batter than that!

Embrace the edges, my friend. Embrace the edges, stand out and let your prospective clients see just how remarkable you are.

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Source: Jim’s Marketing Blog