Stand out with Shelf Strips

supermarket shelves

Shelf strips may be small, but their impact can be huge. Shoppers automatically look to the channel on a shelf’s edge to find prices. When they find the price together with information about a special deal, they’re more likely to make a spontaneous buy; especially when the product is either something they’ve purchased before or is made by a brand they already trust. A pop of color in a sea of dull gray shelving can influence a buyer’s decision to choose your product.

Whether you call them channel strips, shelf strips or rail strips, our custom printed full-color strips will point retail customers towards your product. Our 80# gloss cover channel strips are 1.25″ tall by various lengths: 4×1.25, 6×1.25, 9.25×1.25, and 11×1.25. They fit into the channels on the edge of shelves, directly below your product, providing customers with information when they are ready to make a buying decision.

For eye-catching displays, use with’s shelf danglers to promote a product, offer a special price, announce a new product, or to reinforce your brand. Shelf strips sitting under your merchandise will get shoppers’ attention. Get your printing job started now with our free templates.

If your design is unique, we are always happy to help with custom quotes.