How Tom’s of Maine Found Success in Micro-Influencer Marketing

  Influencer marketing is about growing your audience and leveraging the voice of well-connected people … but using influencers with the biggest audiences isn’t always the answer. Tom’s of Maine uses a micro-influencer model to get the word out about its line of natural products. Bridget Burns, community manager for Tom’s of Maine, explains in…

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Is Your Marketing Ready for 2018?

After you put away the champagne flutes and flip the calendar to 2018, what will you set your sights on to take your marketing to the next level in the new year? What has 2017 taught you? One place to look for lessons is CMI’s two conferences – Content Marketing World and Intelligent Content Conference.…

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CCO Opens the Idea Garage for Inspiring B2B and B2C Content Marketing Examples

  Some of the best inspirational and engaging content comes from unexpected places. B2B and B2C brands surprise and delight their audiences with relevant, entertaining, or unique content opportunities, from Instagram to YouTube to new digital media partnerships. Natalya Minkovsky finds some of the best examples for her Idea Garage column appearing in each Chief…

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How to Create a Professional Promo Video on a Shoestring Budget

Video Marketing

There are millions upon millions of blog posts published every single day. That’s been true for a few years now. And these numbers continue to grow exponentially with the increase in new online sites all competing for the same precious site visits especially when the benefits of organic traffic has become more and more of…

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How to Learn Social Media Marketing: 30 Resources for Beginners

Social Media Marketing

Social media is no longer an optional marketing channel — it’s a necessary one. But that doesn’t mean results are a given. When it comes to social media, you’ll either have a lot of success interacting with your customers, or you’ll see little results — and that depends on the level of effort you put…

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Book Publishing, 21st-Century Style

Book Publishing

The book publishing industry is nearing a crossroads. Although printed books have experienced steady growth and digital books are holding their own, much of it is through the auspices of independent titles online (a third of the bestselling ebooks on Amazon are self-published). Trade publishers must keep creative and sustainable, so effective models for producing…

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Experts Share Their Top 8 Holiday Email Marketing Tips for 2017

Email Marketing Tips

Ready or not, the holidays are right around the corner. And that means it’s time for email marketers to start planning one of their biggest email campaigns of the year. To help you prep for all the holiday madness to come, the team at EmailMonks asked a group of seasoned email experts and industry insiders…

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Proofing and Editing: How to Make Your Content Less Frightening

Want to know a few scary truths ignored by too many content creators? Editing and proofing are not the same thing. And you can’t adequately execute the two at the same time. You can’t adequately edit and proofread at the same time, says @AnnGynn. Click To Tweet And if you think the same person can…

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12 Types of Awesome Visual Content You Can Use in Your Blog Posts

  How many times have you pondered over which images to use in a paragraph, blog post, web page, etc.? I struggle choosing a visual for my content. Yet, it’s important, as frequently cited research shows that images attract more people to the content and help people retain the content they consume longer. Knowing images…

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