The EMS in Printems


Print EMS or Print mmmmmmmm’s. What is that ems on the end of our name?

When we were thinking of turning our traditional offset company into an online storefront we needed to start first with a catchy name. Every waking moment we came up with ideas. Dreams of names. Piles of lists. Then we said print em’s (mmmm’s). Catchy – yes. But also a hidden meaning that is relevant. More relevant to people using html or printers and designers during the movable type era.

Ems is a unit of measure for typography. If you define a font-size as 1 em you are setting the font height to the same height as the default height. So, one em in a 12 point typeface is 12 points.

Anyone that doesn’t understand ems, just think of us as print ems (emergency marketing services).