Using Our Free Print Templates

Free Print Templates® has developed free templates to make file set up easier. These templates include layout, bleed, safety zone, border requirements and any folding guidelines which help ensure that your files are set up correctly for trouble free printing. Simply download a template, design your piece, and upload your print-ready artwork with your order.

When you download one of our template packages, you will get all the templates for that product, formatted for Windows or Mac.


Open the file for your computer. Inside there will be several different versions of that template. Click through the folder choices (landscape or portrait, single or double sided, etc) until you find the layout that is perfect for your job. When you open that folder, you will see templates in a few different file formats: EPS, JPG, INDD, and PDF.


Pick the template that works best with your design software. When you open it using your design software, you will see this:


Use this template as a guideline for your design layout. Create a new layer in your design program that you will ultimately send us for printing, and keep our template as a separate layer in the background. The bookmark example above shows three outer lines: Bleed Area (yellow), Trim Line (pink) and Suggested Safe Area (blue). If your artwork includes a bleed, you will need to extend that image or background color to the outer edge, completely covering the yellow bleed area. If there is no bleed, your final file will be the same size as the trim line, and all your art and text will fit inside the suggested safe area, giving us at least 1/8” white margin around the edge.

When you are done designing your file, delete the template layer and save the print layer in the same file format as the template you are using, or export it as a high resolution PDF. At this point, none of our template marks should be visible in your print-ready file. We print at 300 dots per inch (dpi), and recommend that you upload files at that resolution. If your print file or any of your images are less than 300 dpi, they may appear blurry when printed. If you are sending us InDesign files (INDD) and need help packaging your files, please read our instructions.

If you have other file requirements or need® to set up a custom template, please contact us. If you ever need help setting up your files, our design department can assist, adding the finishing touches to your design.