Wedding Invite Inspirations


Right after you get engaged you think about 3 things:

  1. calling your mom
  2. what venue to choose
  3. wedding invites

Ok, so there are a few more things, but in our mind it is all about the printing of the invites. We recently printed some invites for Curious Ink (see above images). The designs are awarding winning and, to please the bride, no details were left out. Thanks for letting print your gorgeous work.

Things to know about printing wedding invites:

Postage: Weigh your pieces. It might be over an ounce so that means postage will go up. Another reason postage might go up is if you use square envelopes. The worst scenario would be sending out the invites and either they don’t get to your recipient or your guest gets charged for the postage.

Stamps: Why not customize your whole piece by using custom stamps from companies like or This is especially good if you need more than 1 stamp. Who wants to have two stamps on the outside of the envelope? Not me. This allows you to carry your design onto the outside of the envelope.

Addressing: 5 years ago when I printed my sisters invite I knew she did not want to address all of the invites. Nor did she want to pay someone to do calligraphy. So, we took the colors of the invite and created a great looking label. It looked like it was a part of the envelope. By doing a mail merge we saved a lot of time and gave it a clean modern look.

Check out some other designs from Curious Ink: