What should go on my envelope?


When do you use an indicia (permit #), stamp or meter? The real question is: What are you sending and who are you sending it to? If you are mailing a self mailer do yourself a favor and save some money by using an indicia. Now if it is an envelope that is a different story. Are you targeting a business or an individual? The old response would say an individual responds better to a stamp and a business to a meter. Today I say be different. Get noticed. Maybe your response rate isn’t down because of the meter or a stamp. Maybe it is because your logo is stamped in the corner. A great example is the State Farm Envelope. No logo, no return address. Just a stamp and the address.  I know it’s them because of the red ink but I still feel compelled to open it. Maybe one day they will trick me with some blue ink.

Another way you can bring people into your mailer is by putting the offer on the outside. Say it loud and clear and pull people in before it’s too late. You really have to weigh out the cost and what type of promotion you are doing. Sometimes it’s not really about the postage type – its about the message inside or now on the outside.