When to Use Door Hangers

door hanger example

Door hangers are a great tool you can use in advertising no matter how big or small your business is. Printems.com has printed door hanger orders as small as 50 pieces up to millions of door hangers for corporate accounts. The reason these companies keep on using them is that they are effective, especially when you are trying to get target a new geographic location or have a brand new product to sell. It is a great way to cut through the clutter of direct mail. Any competition? I don’t think I’ve ever walked up to my front door and seen 3 different door hangers. As long as you have a good message and it is targeted to the right person then you have a shot of being noticed. Affordable. Impossible to ignore. And they sell directly to the consumer.

Right Person. Hit up neighborhoods and zip codes that will most likely need your services. Pizza delivery, yoga studios or phone companies could target any community, but lawn services and snow plowing might not work for condos complexes.

Right Creative/Message. Keep the design simple. Make the message easy to read and make sure a coupon or incentive is visible. With an incentive you will be able to track responses. Maybe certain geographical locations worked better than others. Maybe you need better incentives in certain areas. Printems.com door hangers have the option to include a perforation to facilitate a tear off coupon or business card.

Order Your Door Hanger Today at Printems.com! Print single or double sided. 4.25 x 11. You also have the choice to add UV coating to give it that extra glossy look.